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Dave Koontz Photography


Pursuing a lifetime interest in photography, Dave purchased his first 35mm SLR Camera in 1982, attended local photography classes, and, as a hobby, started ‘clicking’ everything in sight. In 2000 with the downturn in American business, he was forced into retirement from a successful career in Manufacturing and Materials Management. In early 2005, Dave suffered a set of health setbacks that required months of rehabilitation and rest. Looking at this period as an opportunity to re-evaluate his life, and consider alternatives for his future, he renewed his interest and knowledge of photography by taking refresher courses, by watching instructional videos, and by reading the latest articles on Digital Photography.
As he had owned several Nikon film cameras over the years, Dave had grown fond of their performance and quality. And, with this in mind, he purchased his first DSLR camera—a Nikon D200 and an assortment of compatible lenses. Upon mastering the capabilities of his new camera, Dave started to shoot ‘stock photography’, submitting the images to various websites for sale: it is now sold exclusively through CanStockPhoto. Inc.
Dave’s passion for automobiles goes without saying. He often reminisces about his 1964 Corvette, 1967 El Camino, and his 1930 Ford ‘Hot Rod’ Coupe—as well as other high-performance vehicles that he has owned over the years. His memories are fond, with his only regret of not having photographs of them to share with other ‘car nuts’. He will be the first to tell you that ‘if you can’t show me a photo, then you’re just swap’n lies’! His own car ‘stories’ are greatly embellished each time they are told.
Okay, Where are we going with this? Photography and Cars, why not ‘double the pleasure, double the fun’? In 2005, Dave’s friend in San Jose, CA the owner of a beautifully restored 1963 Ford Thunderbird and an even nicer, award-winning 1970 Corvette Stingray—asked Dave if he would take photos of these two cars. Without hesitation, the photo shoot was scheduled and the photos were processed. The result? Dave’s friend found himself impressed by the quality and care of the completed work. Needless to say, at that moment Dave had discovered his new career ‘focus’. Because of this shoot, and from word of mouth reference, other car owners, collectors, and enthusiasts contacted Dave for consultation and work. Since those days, his reputation and business have grown into a viable and exciting business.
Today, Dave has been published in Sports Car Digest and several hot rod and sports car magazines; his work has also been featured in magazine advertisements and other periodicals. Additionally, over the past two years he has had the privilege to work with Ron Lonberger as a contributing photographer to Roy’s new book Maestro. This book focuses on Bill Mitchell, his contribution and leadership of the General Motors automotive design team in the 1960s and 1970s.

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