I grew up isolated from the world, in a small village within the suburbs of Trikala, Thessaly Greece. As a child I was read the poems Odyssey and Troy at bedtime, and being surrounded by ancient Greek monuments made me fall in love with how the ancient Greek masters depicted the human form. Growing up in a rural area made my imagination run wild; drawing on the walls of my childhood home and proclaiming to everyone that I would one day be an artist.

I am most inspired by the human body, especially the female form, and consider the human figure to be the best work of art. Our bodies are a temple, our individual temples, and connects each of us universally; no matter the age, shape, gender, or color, the body is an exquisite masterpiece. Everything in life and in death leads to the urge to create.

Society, overtime, has worked to instill fear and jealously amongst one another and, as a result, we censor our bodies. I began The Human Canvas project to demonstrate how wrongly society views the human body; some feel embarrassed by the feelings evoked by the nude form but viewing the body as beautiful and desirable should be celebrated. My other body of work, Fallen Angels, also addresses societies impact on mental health; I feel if we, as a whole, were more compassionate, understanding, and proactive regarding mental health issues, we would be better for it. Creating and maintaining strong bonds and meaningful connections are most important to me and my creative process; I collect the pieces of my broken heart, put them together, and create art with them.

Human Canvas