I. Kolisnyk

I. Kolisnyk


I enjoy life. And I just love painting. And I depict everything that affirms life. Either a landscape or still life, portrait or conversation piece.

It was important to find own painting style and feature. Not only Ukrainian artists, who I took lessons from, influenced my artistic style but also great masters of the past: Van Gogh, Cezanne, Degas etc. Artist changes during all the life. His style and aesthetic views change too. Only devotion to art has to be constant. I don’t like mysteries in art I try to communicate with spectator directly.

2016 - Exhibition devoted to Day of the artist
2016 - “In Red” exhibition
2015 - Ukrainian Christmas exhibition
2015 - Exhibition devoted to Day of the artist
2015 – “In Red” exhibition. Cherkasy
2014 - National exhibition of portrait.
2013 – Personal exhibition of painting. Cherkasy
2012 – Personal exhibition of painting. Cherkasy
2004 – Cherkasy Regional spring exhibition.
2003 – "The image and color", joint exhibition with A. Kuksov.
1994 – Exhibition of young artists. Cherkasy

The biggest collection of artworks (about 40) belongs to hotel “The Ukraine” in Cherkasy
A lot of pictures are in private collections in Ukraine, Germany, The USA, France and Italy.