Daniel Bulimar Henciu

Daniel Bulimar Henciu


Hello, my name is Daniel Bulimar Henciu I live in Romania, and for 11 years I started painting, during which I learned many painting techniques, it all started when I married Oana, my wife, who likes to paint, slowly we become better in what I was doing, and now I try by all they do to bring more joy into the hearts of the people who look at my paintings. I had exhibitions throughout Europe and in several US cities. I love working in acrylic on canvas, especially for landscape paintings, portraits in oil colors on canvas, everything to be as professional.

- 2005 Exhibition in the House of Culture in Lugoj Faget

- 2007 Art Gallery of Lugoj and Timisoara

- 2011 Newartgallery in London

- 2012 Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery Netherlands

- 2012 Exhibition Palace of Parliament

- 2012 US Small art from the heart

- 2013 Art Gallery ART PROF ELITE "Symphony of Colours"


- 2014 Exhibition Art Gallery ART PROF ELITE

- 2014 Exhibition Palace of Parliament

My abstract

My realistic