KOBAYASHI photography

KOBAYASHI photography


Hello and thank you for stopping by.

some quick words about myself and how i got in to photography:

it was bad, real bad...i was in deep depression for many years (still living with it)
...i was making music for some years but after a big crisis in my life i could not continue. still, one has to do something to occupy himself - express himself..... a friend gave me a camera and it was love from first click.

since then (2008) i Participated in dozens of group shows around the world and had one solo exhibition. i am 40 years old, Currently living in tel Aviv but feels as a citizen of the world.

still photograph, still alive.

about photography:

Photography is Sensitivity.

...Just as the light-sensitive roll of camera film produces images, and digital format with its sensor, I feel the heart of this media is being sensitive to the world around - by looking and feeling comes creation. It is bliss.





Icelandic Church

Street view

Paris mon amour


On the beach

Bicycle craze!

i dont want to grow up!

Nature and landscapes

Still life/Objects