Kno !

Kno! It is the pseudonym of the architect and painter Jorge Alberto Pérez Fernández, born in 1968. Age 49 years and Cuban nationality.
Member of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (uneac). Graduated in Architecture at the University of Santiago de Cuba, in 1989. He designed and built some of the main buildings that were executed in the city of Guantánamo at the end of the 20th century and the first five years of the 21st. His pictorial work accompanied the interiors of the architecture that he designed, and to which he added plastic works of the thriving artistic movement of the Cuban and Guantanamo East. His pictorial work, made in mixed media where acrylic and inks predominate, expresses longing for the distant land, concern for the exodus and sadness for the refusal to return. Formally he works the themes in series, where he squeezes the existential concerns that corrode him ... His distortions of the feminine figure, his unshelled abstractions and the profuse use of color do not negate the influence that the presence of Architecture has on his work, especially in his last paintings, of impressionistic cut, where he incorporates the female nude, the urban plot, the landscapes and the vegetation of his homeland, in canvases that are like nostalgia for memory, In 1989 he won the National Prize for Painting in solidarity with the people Palestinian.
In 1993 he won the National Prize for Housing Design.
In 2001 he obtained special mention in the Guamo Prize, which is awarded to the most outstanding personality of the uneac.
In 2013 he was a finalist of the Miguel Viladrich Painting Biennial, Barcelona.
In 2014 he was a finalist of the Watercolors Contest of the city of Benalmádena.
In 2015 he was a finalist in the National Painting Contest Casimiro Saínz, Spain.
In 2016 he was a finalist of the National Painting Contest Eugenio Hermoso, Spain.
Private collectors from Cuba, the United States, Spain, Russia and Germany have their works.