James Knights Art


I am a self taught artist from the rural Suffolk countryside. My sources of inspiration are varied, ranging from the natural world around me, music, world and local events, and of course how I am feeling.

I have to be connected to the work I am creating which means I often have many semi-finished works in progress that are just waiting for their time to be finished - it happens eventually!

I am lucky enough to have had my work exhibited in several locations, including at the Royal Festival Hall in London, and one of my works is on permanent exhibit in one of the University of Cambridge libraries.

I love creating, it gives me a sense of purpose and achievement that cannot be matched in my view...I appreciate that some people will not like my style of work, but equally others will love it - hopefully there will be more of the latter variety!

Acrylic Pour Paintings

Geometric Abstracts

Figurative Work

Organic Abstracts