Justin Miller

Justin Miller


Hi. My name is Justin Miller. Welcome to my art gallery where I have my art of imagination. The art that I do is digital art.

I'm from West Valley City, Utah. I'm 26 years old. I have two brothers, one sister, and two wonderful parents.

Some of my hobbies are doing artwork, writing, playing games with my family, and going on walks. I also like watching TV and movies. But my favorite thing to do is to draw and paint. I started creating artwork when I was in junior high school and have enjoyed it ever since. Most recently, I do all my art on a special computer using only my eye movements.

As for software, I started out using Microsoft Paint. With it I could draw lines, curves, and designs to make an art piece quite simply. Eventually I transitioned to Adobe Photoshop, where I currently do all of my paintings and have seen a lot of growth in my abilities as a graphic artist.

If you want to, you can purchase some of my paintings. If you decide that you want to purchase some of my paintings, it would be appreciated. We have been looking at ways to sell my art. My dad told me about this website artpal, and I thought for myself that it would be a good place to put them. So if you ever want to purchase one of them, just feel free to buy one.

My artist statement: My art gives people entertainment. because of all the creatively, the designs and the Texture I put into it. Mostly people like the colors. Not only does my artwork give people entertainment, it gives them something to enjoy looking at. It gives them a feeling of motion.

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