KNG Iron

KNG Iron

Kristopher Neal Graper was born in Wisconsin and lived in Mississippi and Australia before settling in Atlanta. Kris attended Valdosta State University and later transferred to Georgia State University where he majored in fine arts with a focus on sculpture. He also studied abroad in Mexico and Lumsden, Scotland, where he attended the Scottish Sculpture Workshop.

Throughout his academic career most of Kris’s artwork had a definite underlying thread - a recurring shape called a hyperbolic paraboloid or hypar. This shape has profound inner meanings to Kris, not only the inherent features which unify order and chaos, but also ones more implicit with relations to Science and Mathematics.

After experimenting with multiple mediums in school, Kris has now come to focus on the correct procedures to effectively execute a lasting piece of architectural ironwork. Kris has had the priveledge of working for several other succesful artists, blacksmiths, and fabricators, helping to build numerous unique pieces. Kris has gained a keen understanding of the processes and critical problem solving tactics.

Given the ability to combine the flowing classical proportions of handmade scrollwork and decorative elements, together within a given dimension, Kris is capable of attaining a higher quality of work that can function and coexist within a square, plumb and level environment.