Knap Janina

Knap Janina

JANINA KNAP - born in Giżycko, Poland, graduate of the High School of Fine Arts in Supraśl and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Graphics dealing with graphic design - books, school textbooks, newspapers, job ads, advertisements, logos. In addition, the illustrator of school textbooks for children, fairy tales, illustrator of 2D specialist illustrations (medicine, dentistry, illustrations for biology textbooks).
Photographer, dealing in both commercial photography (sale of photographs in photo banks such as Shutterstock, Fotolia, implementation of sessions on order) and artistic (participation in various projects and photographic plein-airs). Painting as a non-commercial activity. Participant of many group exhibitions. Co-organizer of the open air painting in Supraśl. He lives in Rydzewo on Mazury Poland.

2011 - gallery TYGIEL Gdynia - exhibition CARNIVAL OF VENICE
2013 - NIEFORMALNA Warsaw gallery - MUSICIAN exhibition
2013 - Music Club BAROMETR Warsaw - exhibition MUSICIAN
2015 - Outdoor exhibition in Miłki - Mazury Spirit
2018 - Ryn Castle in Ryn - Masurian legends
2019 - Boyen Giżycko Fortress - Masurian legends
2019 - Gallery 022 Warsaw, ZPAP Mazowiecka str - Masurian legends

2011 - Galeria Tygiel Gdynia - Post-industrial world in photography
2016 - Metro Wilanowska Warsaw Galeria a Way - Sea Graphics
2018 - Trash gallery Spytkowo - Sea graphics
2010 - "Post-industrial architecture of Warsaw in the lens 2010"
             special distinction of the Director of the Museum of Gas Industry
2011 - "Post-industrial architecture in the lens" - 2nd place
2011 - "Dawna Drukarnia Prasy Polskiej" - 2nd place
2016 - "Świecie się" nationwide Energa competition - distinction
2014 - 1st prize Polish painting competition "Warsaw Landscape"
            in the category of "Cityscape" for the triptych "Metroportret"

2018 - indirect subsidy from the Fund for the Support of Creativity of Polish Visual Artists