Kler Delune

Kler Delune


I'm a young woman who sees the world a little bit different way and draws it with mind widely open.

I love all kinds of art (visual&copy) since I was a little child. I have a solid half year background of Fine Art school in my early childhood.

During my full of creativity life and career in advertising & marketing communication agencies I managed to work and study in parallel all kinds of professional visual arts from very experienced in their niche artists (video directors, production designers, art directors, photographers, illustrators, graphic designers etc).

When I have free time and inspiration, I drew my own pictures, then paintings, it is my permanent hobby for the soul and meditation.

When I create new painting, I feel myself full of positive energy and pure happiness. I want to share this happiness with other people that's why I decided to exhibit my art pieces with an option to buy them.

Earlier I started my artworks without plan - I just let the brush lead me by the impulse of my unconscious mind whenever it should take me to. That's why my art from the beginning was abstract.

The further I drew, the deeper I felt my artist concept and my purpose: BRING LOVE, CREATIVITY AND HELP OTHERS FIND THEMSELVES.That's why my paintings mostly have metaphoric names, and every man finds something personal in it, based on his/her experience in life.

When I already had about 30 paintings, I understood that I shouldn't limit the number of my artworks by the size of my art studio/flat. These art pieces should see the world, spread and grow, together with my experience in arts, like my art babies:-)

I mostly draw with oil, cause it provokes some secret artist nature in me - the texture, the smell, the way it falls on canvas - this magical process of creation is a pure pleasure for me!

Hope you will enjoy my artworks and find your personal meaning in it. Please contact me if you want to find out more/give a feedback or buy my artworks.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kler_delune
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/svitlana.korytko