Kler Delune

Kler Delune


I love all kinds of art (visual&copy) since I was a little child. I name myself "art player" cause I don't care much about the strict rules I heard about artist career.

I love it, it's my true hobby and inspiration and when I create new painting, I feel myself truly happy. I want to share this happiness with other people that's why I decided to sell my art pieces.

I'm the 33y.o. women who sees the world a little bit different way and draws it with mind widely open.

I often start the work without plan - I just let the brush lead me by the impulse of my unconscious mind whenever it should take me to.

That's why my art is abstract, that's why every man finds something personal in it and that's why my paintings mostly have metaphoric names.

Starting with drawing for myself as a hobby, at some point of time (when I had already about 30 paintings) I understood that I shouldn't limit the number of my artworks by the size of flat. These pieces should spread and grow together with me, like my babies:-)

I always draw with oil, cause it provokes some secret artist nature in me - the texture, the smell, the way it falls on canvas - it's just the pure pleasure!

Hope you will enjoy my work and find your personal meaning in it. Please contact me via social networks if you want to find out more/give a feedback or continue a discussion.

Insta: @kler_delune