Ken Johnson Imagery

Ken Johnson Imagery

thanks for viewing my gallery. Here's a little background on me. I was born in Florida while my father was in the Air Force and was raised in Central Alabama where most of my family was from. I became interested in photography at the early age of 6 and purchased my first slr camera (Pentax K-1000) at 18. I'm glad to have learned photography with film cameras. I think it's a great way to hone your skills.
Over the years I've shot various types of photos including weddings, portrait and sports. I found that my real passion was in scenics, still life and automobiles. I shoot mostly natural light but occassionally use fill lighting.
I own Nikon dslr cameras now. I really like the flexability of digital cameras and I get instant results as well. I trust you enjoy my work as much as I like producing it. I look forward to your feedback.

Ken Johnson