Kitty Kalman High Energy Paintings

Kitty Kalman High Energy Paintings

Welcome to the World of High Energy!

Did you know that each and every piece of art provides you the constant energy of what it was painted with? If the painter was in a bad, low energy mood, then the painting will reflect that. The great thing about this is if the painter was painting with pure positive high energy, that will make your painting a complete, unlimited source of high energy.

I love painting for my own joy, but I almost never keep any of them for myself, as this is for you. :)

How do I paint high energy pictures: I get into a high energy state by meditation and use my fingers and hands to paint your pictures. I don't use brushes for these paintings, so the energy directly flows into the painting.

Do you want to have your own High Energy Painting?
Would like to give it as a gift to someone?
You can ask for specific colours, specific energy needs (healing, stress release, energy, mind opening, help in concentration or study, etc.). Please send me a photo of the person who will have this painting, (must have the eyes seen). This way I can make sure that it will be personalised according to the new owner's needs to make the most out of your painting.

I'm happy to see you here, thank you for being part of this world!

Kitty Kalman

High Positive Energy Paintings