Kirov Art

Kirov Art

I was born in Bulgaria in 1960. Graduated college of art, subject violin. After my army duty I worked subsequently as knife maker, blacksmith and jewellery designer. Immigrated to South Africa in 1994 where I started a jewellery design studio (7 prestigious design awards: Jewellex, De Beers etc.). I started panting in 2003, as a means of exploring a new form of creative expression, first in oil and later acrylic and incorporating other media (stainless steel wood etc.) With brother Rado Kirov, metal smith and sculptor held joined exhibitions: in Rossouw Gallery in Cape Town 2005 and in Albemarle gallery in London in 2016. I painted mostly for pleasure up to date running my jewellery business aside, but after London decided to make painting my main activity.


Dream Landscapes

Small works





Experimental works