Kiran Irkal

Born in Pune and brought up in Mumbai, I, Kiran James Irkal, hail from a quiet, middle-class family from the suburbs. With my heart in the peaceful yet fierce wild and my mind in the energetic city, I strive for a chaotic balance in everything I do. From my room to my art, everything tends to set itself to that tune. I have a long way to go to find myself as an artist but I am persistent and motivated. I find inspiration in day to day life. Thoughts flow in and out of my head and sometimes they make it out on paper. I am intuitive and follow a practice of actively thin-slicing information and then deliberating on it. I find stimulation in subjects pertaining to philosophy, psychology and science with my focus currently turned to human behavioural biology which combines psychology and biology. In the future, I aim to establish myself as a practicing artist in the field of mixed media art and painting.