Software engineer(2015-2019, Honours)
Self taught artist.
Interior designing student.

It was all started in the year 2016 when my 3rd semester was over and fortunately i bumped into my childhood sketchbook and i started making paintings on it and started instagraming it. Few months pass and i started making paintings which are being appreciated by people and then i posted few to my college magazine and also got some recognization.Some more months passed and a friend of mine posted my paintings to the reseller app Olx and Quikrr with an account name kt21and7. Soon kt21and7 hold a market and sold more than 50 paintings in less then 6 months.
As i passed my engg with good grades my family was expecting from me to get a good job and continue as normal people do, but i decided to become an full time artist.
So here i am to try my hands on Etsyin. I hope you all will love and appreciate my work.
kccreationsart at your service to make your home more colorful.

If you are looking for original art pieces to decor your wall- this shop is for you! The art for sale including original paintings on canvas, miniature paintings, 7*7 canvas paintings of entity like cycles,lamp etc., abtract paintings on thick paper well framed and mounted, customised paintings. No order for potraits.
The most sold canvas is of entities like Autorickshaw,bicycle,lamp, abstract art pieces on 7*7 canvases.
The second most sold and ordered items are mandala and doodles.