Brian Kindsvater Art

Brian Kindsvater Art

Brian Kindsvater is a California artist. His creates unique artworks and has appeared in numerous galleries and shows across Northern California.

Brian's inspiration often comes in spurts while meditating about how to touch people's feelings and emotions.

With this inspiration Kindsvater works on developing art that is often fun, colorful, and definitely different to stop people, get them thinking, and to reach their feelings and emotions - even if they are unaware of it.

Most of Brian Kindsvater's art available here is digitally created on the computer so that it can be reproduced and efficiently sent to you. Photographs are mixed with digital designs to create new concepts and imagery. At time, digital art is then combined or used with physical materials to create a new type of art.

Be sure to check out the Color Explosion gallery on this page. Here Brian Kindsvater boldly goes where few artists venture - an exploration of pure shades of color. The impact on you - seeing just a solid print of color - can be surprising. They make great conversation starters because they are so unexpected.

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