Kim Pedersen

Kim Pedersen

Hello and thank you for visiting my page.
I love capturing unique moments in beautiful places.
To stay true to my vision, all my images are the result of ONE exposure, which depending on the amount of light available, range from 30 to 1/8000 of a second. I do use all the functions available in LightRoom and PhotoShop to recreate from a single raw file as much as possible the natural wonder I witnessed. However, since I am not constructing fantasy scenes through HDR, blending or composite multi-exposure techniques, the highlights and shadows in my images will be actually bright and dark. In addition, I use real prints to judge the amounts of contrast and saturation that are most authentic to how I remember the moment i.e. I do not just add these like a soft drink company adding sugar to its products.
In case you happen to like my photographs, I would like to mention that I also sell prints of my best ones at: and
I sincerely hope that you may enjoy my collection of moments from around Catalonia,




Serra del Cadi




Intimate landscape


Twilight & Night