Kim's Avant Art

Kim's Avant Art

Self taught, I picked up drawing and painting from my Father and Great Grandfather who were amazing artists.
For a number of years in my 20's and 30's I was a decorative painter on the East Coast (NY/CT) repairing and restoring imported European wallpaper as well as doing decorative work.
I sat one day thinking and decided I was going to paint without brushes.
It was the most liberating feeling I’ve had doing artwork. No rules. No perfection. Just paint your feelings.
Using objects around me, due to an inability to purchase supplies at the time,
I started using weeds, leaves, twigs, flowers and my fingers to paint with.
I like to challenge myself to paint with just one brush, which is the title of my book.
It explains the process I go through with in depth stories of my life.

Looking back on my work, I’ve noticed extremes from soft and subtle, to rebellious and outspoken depending on my moods or what’s happening in my life.
You can see the underlying trauma and longing for serenity and innocence
from the drawing of a bloody knife coming out of a woman’s back,
to beautiful landscapes and wildlife figures.

Being part of the underground art community, I hope to inspire others as my peers have done for me.

I spend my time painting, video illustrating, songwriting and designing/making jewelry.
I’m the founder and owner of on and offline art classes for metal health,
“Expressions in Anxiety” that helps to guide children and adults to express their feelings through their art.
Author of “The Art of Walking”, “Just One Brush” and “Grasses, Flowers and Twigs”

Kim’s Avant Art has been shown in galleries throughout NY, NJ, CT, MA, CA, AZ


Inspired by Nature