Art by Kimberley

Art by Kimberley

I am a painter that primarily works in acrylics but also likes watercolor and mixed media. My art is my own unmasking of my travels through life. I have had many experiences and was "born with a suitcase in my hand." My art has a lot of symbolism and a story to tell behind each piece I create.

My work usually consists of a girl and her dog in different settings. The dog represents the friends and family who are always there for you. I use black, white and grey in several of my paintings because scientists consider black not a color but white is the presence of all colors so grey is what exists between absence and presence.

My development as an artist is rooted in my belief that there is something more to say. My inspiration is in traveling, photography of landscapes and animals along with researching how to make my art better.

I am a member of VAST, GAVA and Friends of Hagerman NWR and Nature Photography Club. My website is