Kimberly Wouters

Kimberly Wouters

Hello beautiful person, craving for something new? Feeling the need to take part in something fresh, exciting, and above all artistic? Then you are at the right place! I'm an 20 year old artist

Whats so special about this page? When I make art.. I start from the roots of a human being: the mind and the soul. I often find another layer of expressions/ impressions that attract the part of my unconsciousness in the drawing in another piece of art: a poem, a picture, a quote, a movie,... maybe even an object
(everything can be art..).
I believe that these are extensions to my artwork, It re-inforces the meaning, it's place in the world and the view on and of my work.

My art communicates with the world. Sounds a bit.. exotic? Everything is in communication with eachother, people communicate, nature communicates, so why shouldn't art communicate? Explore my work, communicate with it and find out what it communicates with... everything is possible!

Last but not least.. Do you want to have a piece of art made by me? You can also contact me (besides on fb: with the following e-mailadress:

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