Kimberly B Adams

Kimberly B Adams

Hi, I’m Kimberly Adams, lover of art, design, nature, laughing, and coffee.

I'm most inspired by nature when it comes to my art and design work but really, my goal is simply to channel what the Field of Flow sends my way . . . and that is usually nature! This allows me to combine two of my loves - art/design and everything related to energy and the mystical.

My background also includes:

40 years in the personal growth and transformation field with many healing and energy certifications including:
Feng Shui
Cellular Expansion and Healing
Tapping into Wealth® Coach

30+ years as a CPA in the international tax field

I currently stay in flow by painting, sewing, hiking, biking, and obsessing over midcentury modern, minimalistic and biophilic design.

I’m also a home grown Pittsburgher and have two grown children and three beautiful granddaughters that I love to spoil and are my newly appointed gurus.