Kimber Kiwi Art

Kimber Kiwi Art

Hello! My name is Kimberly Williams and I'm an artist. I consider myself a visual storyteller. I can illustrate entire worlds and tell you a detailed story without any words. My art is vibrant and colorful. I enjoy packing my works with a lot of fine detail.

I have worked in traditional mediums such as charcoal, acrylic paints, gouache, oil pastels, graphite pencils, watercolor, and inks. I've also taught myself how to illustrate and design digitally. I currently work as a Freelance Illustrator from my home studio.

I've worked on many projects, including some works that have been published. So I can officially say I am a published Children's Book Illustrator! Yay! I've also self-published my own coloring books which are in current rotation through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I will leave all links of where to find me online down below my rantings! I also post art videos on YouTube. I am using the platform to show my process in art and to chronicle my progress in my art journey.

I do mostly fantasy art, cartoon work, and comics. I did add other topics so it seems more well-rounded. Balance is key, right? I also post TikTok videos of my art process in fun time-lapsed format. I am a member of many inclusive art communities online. I realize that it is important to network with other artists and creatives in such a condensed industry. I welcome any and all critiques of my art and any feedback that will help me improve. I also enjoy making new connections and am open to collaborations.

I have paintings in local galleries. I've displayed paintings in local cafes, pizza parlors, and small art galleries. This was a positive experience and I will continue to paint and display. I am always learning new techniques and willing to take on a challenge. Unless stated on my socials, I'm usually always open for commissions and projects.

Here is where you can find me online: Kimberly Williams
Facebook: Kimberly's Gallery
YouTube: Kimber Kiwi Art
Tik Tok: @kimberkiwiart
Instagram: @kiwimomma31
Red Bubble:

Coloring Book: The Beautiful Garden by Kimber Kiwi Art can be found on ASIN#: B09JJ8PC48

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