Cau Vong Art Studio

Cau Vong Art Studio

« Art is not supposed to be beautiful; it is supposed to make you feel something »
Book’s extract « Eleanor & Park » by Rainbow Rowell

This sentence resume our goal, paint to provoke an emotion.
For this, we offer you our paintings on canvas, metal, newspaper..., art has no limit !

Cau Vong art studio was founded in 1996 by Roland Renaud, a French artist and his wife Oanh, a Vietnamese woman.
The alliance between talented Vietnamese painters and French touch allows to propose some high quality productions, the materials and subproducts used at the studio, are high quality too, which has always been a major concern.
Cau Vong art studio have gained strong references overseas as well as in Vietnam.
The co-founder of the studio regretfully passed away in July 2017, but his assistant Baptiste, another professional French painter, keeps the spirit of the workshop.

Oil paintings on newspaper

Paintings on reclaimed metal sheet

Paintings with gold leaf