Vanda Kikavska +3  8 050 6969819

Vanda Kikavska +3 8 050 6969819

I put such a price on my paintings not because I crazy and imagined something for myself. The fact is that I do not draw paintings myself, but co-authored… I do not want to scare anyone with the truth, but I will have to admit that my co-author is God, my God. Everyone has his own God. It is He who tells me some stories, comes up with compositions of some paintings. And presentations with mandatory natural disasters and disasters at the time of publication of my paintings are also not accidental.
For example, when I painted the Forest in the Carpathians in reality, the forest burned, but for some reason in Siberia. When I painted a woman (from myself) personifying the Night, the floods in Venice began. When I painted jugs on the lake, ice pancakes appeared on the river in Venice in the summer. The picture where a woman stands against the background of an open door to space represents the events associated with the Covid epidemic. This picture is already written as an afterword and a summary of events in the world, possibly also related to my work. But I try not to murmur at Fate, I accept with gratitude everything that is being done on Earth. The fact is that the Gods do not like when people do not like their games. Gods rid the planet of such disgruntled people. Apologize for the translation through an online translator.
Pencil drawings can be seen on the site:
I understand that for a huge number of experts in the field of painting such an artist as Wanda Kikavska, a novelty. In principle, there is nothing wrong with this, because I don't know them either. I only ask you not to speak a subjective point of view regarding my paintings. Otherwise, there is a huge possibility of inciting God's wrath. It is possible that Earth will demolish from the surface everything that to expensively envious and biased "judges" of art. It seems to me that such a probability exists, and time will tell which of us is right.