“Guardians of Time” relates to the idea that since the beginning of time mankind has had protectors, both for historic and mystical reasons. It seems that only man himself is a potential source of danger for his own existence. In his works of art Manfred Kielnhofer deals with the natural human desire for security. Thus his oeuvre reflects genuine exploration, consideration and discussion of current as well as historic moods and sensibilities of his social environment. His works of art captivate with elaborate combinations of light and different technique.

Manfred Kielnhofer was born in Haslach an der Mühl, Austria. He is self-taught and works with many different mediums; including, painting, film, photography, installation, performance and sculpture. His work usually concerns the human figure, and its different forms and movements, focusing mainly on the peculiarities of human nature. He uses the human form as a tool, either on a canvas or in a sculpture.

Galleries in Austria:

Kunsthandel Freller, Linz,
Thiele Fein Art, Linz,
Citygalerie, Linz,
Mural Harbor Gallery Linz,
Mobile Galerie, Hörsching,
Artpark contemporary art design, Linz, Möbel Leitner
Schloss Steyregg bei Linz,

Galerie Kunst und Handel, Graz, Wien,
Galerie Seywald, Salzburg,

Galerie Galerie Bachlechner Wien,
Phantasten Museum Wien,
Kunstraum in den Ringstrassen Galerien, Wien,
Designkooperative, stilwerk wien, design tower, duekouba
Galerie Szaal, Wien,
Werkstatt Kollerschlag,

Galleries in Germany:

Galerie Liebau, Burghaun Fulda,

Guardians of Time