Kichi Sibi Memories

Kichi Sibi Memories

We are located inside the heritage WWII minesweeper, 14 Albert Street, the Marina, in the beautiful waterfront city of Pembroke, Ontario. Our outside deck boasts beautiful views of the Ottawa River, known to the Algonquin people as the Kichi Sibi, Great River.

Kichi Sibi Memories is a unique gallery, museum, gift and thrift shop that strives to encourage appreciation of local community and indigenous heritage.

Kichi Sibi Memories Gallery Gifts and Thrift presents our local indigenous peoples and local community history from a unique perspective, using unique and creative teaching tools and products. Local supporters are always providing us with interesting, special, and high quality items and clothing that we can make available to you. Original paintings or artisan craft work sets the themes, reflective of our seasons, special ecological neighbours, and our beautiful river. We feature artwork that captures our special relationship with this great river, the Kichi Sibi, and our special relationships and responsibilities as Anishnabe women and local families. Our prices range from 3.00 to 3,000.00. Place custom orders. Meet local community non-profits and other socially committed groups and services. We are just beginning. We look forward to your increased support and our continued growth.

80% of our products are made from recycled materials. We re-purpose or upcycle unwanted items and encourage the revitalization of traditional Kichesipirini Algonquin commitment to sustainability and creative reuse. We are also home to Kichi Sibi Creators Hub, a unique group of like-minded creatives.

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