Kiara S Maharaj

Kiara S Maharaj

Kiara S. Maharaj is a South African based acrylic artist, writer, and bookaholic. Her work is heavily inspired by diversity among people, the whimsical and mysterious cosmological forces of existence, the Great Unknown, and adventure driven visual storytelling. She is currently pursuing a BSc in Computer Science at the University of KwaZulu Natal, where the intricate workings of computers serve as means to explore another world and further inspire her imagination. To Kiara, art is mirror that reflects how an artist sees the world. With her art, she aims to paint a bright, colourful, and diverse world that can act as a reminder that adventure and reality are not mutually exclusive.
Her subject matter includes larger than life elements such as thunderstorms, dreams, whimsical lands, and stylized portraits of people across different cultures. She is a storyteller by nature, and art is something she’s depended on for release and some shred of sanity.

With my whimsical landscape paintings, my aim is to create a door to escape which the viewer can leap through and take adventures. I like to blur the lines between science and magic by depicting hybrid creatures, quirky characters, and ethereal scenery that seem fantastical but have the logical potential to exist somewhere in the universe.

Connect with her on:
YouTube: Kiara S. Maharaj
Instagram: @ksmaharaj
Facebook: Kiara S. Maharaj
TikTok: @kiarasmaharaj

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