Khyber Hashimi

Khyber Hashimi

Khyber Hashimi was born in 1986 in Afghanistan in a war-torn country where still people lives in poverty and the education rate is in its lowest percentage, where you can hear the painful screams, where to can see tearful eyes, where every morning starts with deathly explosions, where each individual of society is seeking peace and harmony for a bright and pleasant future.
Due to political situation in his homeland Khyber migrated to Islamabad, Pakistan in 1991. His passion for art begun at an early age while observing the famous artist of Afghanistan Mr. Seddiq Zhakfar in Islamabad and there he begun to join art classes. Khyber participated in many art exhibitions and competition which encouraged him to continue the wonderful pathway of art.
And finally after returning to his homeland Afghanistan in 2002, Khyber got admission in Faculty of Fine Arts, Kabul University by 2004 and successfully completed his Bachelor’s degree in 2007.
Afterwards he started his master’s degree in Visual Arts in 2014 at Kabul University but unfortunately once again same issues made him to immigrate to Ontario, Canada in same year.

Beside artistic activities Khyber started working with Culture Unit of UNESCO Kabul office as a Cultural Programme Assistant in 2009 and he was an active member of various projects of Afghanistan’s World Heritage Sites/Monuments and other cultural events till late 2015 and before UNESCO Office he was a member of CCAA (Center for Contemporary Arts Afghanistan) where he created some unique video arts, installations and so on with his group.

Khyber is an active fine and contemporary Afghan artist. He promotes Afghan’s art and culture through his skill to the world to introduce Afghanistan as origin of arts and culture in different eras.
Khyber’s arts subjects usually depicts the art and culture of Afghan society especially the ongoing social problems in his home land. He experiments with his many different techniques, skills, and utilizes various materials to achieve the desired effects and concept. He enjoys working with oil, water-colors and mixed media but oils tend to be his most preferred medium and loves to balance unique colors, movements, energy, textures in his artworks. What he always dreams of.

Moreover, Khyber is a well-known illustrator who has illustrated many books, posters and magazines for national and international organizations such as NFUAJ Kabul Office, UNDP Kabul office, JICA Kabul Office, UNESCO Kabul Office, Ministry of Education - Afghanistan, Literacy Department of Afghanistan, and Ministry of Health - Afghanistan.

Khyber has exhibited his arts in many art exhibitions such as:
• 2017 Illustration of “NUMERACY LITERACY BOOK” UNSCO Kabul Office, ELA Progam
• 2016 Illustration of “BASIC LITERACY BOOK”, UNESCO Kabul Office, ELA Progam
• 2014 Illustration of “POLICE NOVELS BOOK”, UNESCO LEAP Project
• 2014 Illustration / comics of LEAP Newsletter“LEAP NEWSLETTER OR AFGHANISTAN POLICE , UNESCO LEAP Project
• 2009 Illustration of “COVERPAGE OF POWER OF LITERACY BOOK” UNESCO Kabul Office, ELA Progam
• 2009 Illustration of “WORLD LIERACY DAY POSTER” UNESCO Kabul Office, ELA Progam
• 2009 Illustration of “3 POSTERS” UNESCO Kabul Office, LEARN Project, UNESCO/UNJP
• 20O7 Illustration of “ALPHABET BOOK FOR STUDENTS”, NFUAJ office (Natiioanl Fedration of UNESCO Assosiations of Japan, Kabul Office)
• 2007 Illustration of “INSTRUCTION BOOK FOR PREGNANT WOMEN”, NFUAJ office (Natiioanl Fedration of UNESCO Assosiations of Japan, Kabul Office)
• 2007 “PAINTING EXHIBITION”, Kabul University, Afghanistan
• 2005 “CONCEPTUAL FILMS EXHIBITION”, Amiani high school, Kabul, Afghanistan
• 2005 “DRUGS ARE HARMFUL, PAINTING COMPETITION”, GTZ Kabul office, Afghanistan
• 2005 “MODERN ART INSTALLATION EXHIBITION”, Kabul University, Afghanistan