Shown since 2007, and auctioned off her first painting in 2016. All work displayed is done on canvas. Most pieces are inspired of things she sees and feels at the time with a focus on whimsical landscapes, contemporary abstractness, and a twist on color schemes. Her technique varies greatly as her life progresses so continue to follow for new work. If interested in the original work on canvas feel free to contact her.

5% of all proceeds earned will go to charity at the end of the year. The "Always Keep Giving: Khirstmas" collection will have 10% of it's profits donated to charity.
"Works Of Different Orientation" gallery is labeled so as the image can be, and is meant to be as directed by the artist, rotated in any way and seen from a different perspective (i.e. landscape or portrait). There's no wrong way to hang it despite where the signature may lay.

All original paintings by Khirstyn are clearly marked with a K connected to a butterfly on any single corner of the completed works.
Exclusive originals with a vision can be tailored upon request.
*Unedited photographed images of the works are available upon request for purchase of the one of a kind original canvases. Images uploaded in the gallery are enhanced for purposes of prints.*

Works of Different Orientation

Always Keep Giving: Khirstmas