I am a Key West Florida artist working in many mediums and genres. I specialize in graphite portraiture, but also highly enjoy painting in oils & acrylics. In my latest series "SensuElle", a14 piece black & white oil painting series I used the Grumbacher oils over triple gesso coated gallery wrapped canvases, then satin lacquered the paintings after they cured for 5 months.

I'm very eclectic with my subject matter, with works in realism, abstract, impressionism, and expressionism, but in the case of this one series and having done so much in color prior to it I felt Black & White would be a refreshing and also challenging change. Being enamored with the female form and a romantic at heart I thought doing a series in this genre would be a very nice way of expressing femininity with classy and tasteful renditions.

As you'll see as well I have added color works here on ArtPal in both acrylic and digital, again in an array of subjects. I wish you to also understand l entertain commissioned portraits which I do from your emailed photo(s).

Painting, drawing, and just creating visual works of art is really a metaphysical experience for me. I get lost into it! The zone of lost time and the excitement of how just a few lines or brush strokes develop the image! My character is like this overall. I am one of those people that gets a spiritual high on creating beautiful things. As a retired cabinet maker and furniture designer/builder I'v, over the last 15 years, just shifted my genetic creative juices into another form of art.

If I'm not painting I might be scuba diving, or hiking some new trail in some new land. Yes, an adventurer. I say stay physically and mentally active! Alive, not simply existing!

Life is so short and I so far have really packed it in, and although at my ripe ol age of 64 lol - I have slowed down some, yet still do and intend to continue to live each day to the fullest. I'm soon to be traveling off again...this time to Belize to paint, dive, explore and open an art school for the underprivileged, especially children. This trip is significant in that I know I'm being spiritually drawn like never before. I'm hoping as well, that I'll finish the novel I'm writing. Blocked after 350 pages. But I will prevail !! (smile)

So...please visit my website or browse my work here and know that whatever you purchase, part of it will be going to a good cause.

Hope you enjoy my work. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on my website Call if you want! 305.360.9376



'SensuElle' Series (oils) circa 2017

Digital NUDES (adults only)

Indians painted in Acrylics

Drawings by Michael Todd

Digital Art by Michael Todd