Kevin Nunn's Art Gallery

Kevin Nunn's Art Gallery

My name is Kevin Nunn.

Welcome to my ArtPal gallery!

Here's a short story about why I became an artist.

I learned a lot in school though I couldn't quite concentrate on my school work because I loved to draw instead of read! I loved my 3rd grade art teacher for encouraging me to create art I'll never forget her inspiration, I still remember today. How she leaned over my shoulder and told me I would be an artist one day. Little did I know she was completely right!!! One day I turned the television on and behold My first ever Bob Ross episode was airing. This would by no means be the last one either! I was so amazed at what he could
do with a paint brush, I started doing it and the magic began. I also took an online art course from North light art school that helped me understand very important principles about painting and creating art. I have studied art ever since then for over 20 years. I still study art and techniques every day, I love to learn as much as possible. I am very passionate about my art, Painting and drawing is very satisfying. Creating something that others enjoy makes me happy. I hope you enjoy my artwork and appreciate it as much as I do. My goal as an artist is to have my own gallery some day and to display my work and passion for everyone to see!