Kevin L Brooks

Kevin L Brooks

I'm an artist doing the artist thing. That means I'm flat broke!

My journey into the realm of art began by copying the illustrations in comic books. I'm not ashamed to admit it, this was my beginners course in anatomy for any purist out there who thinks you can't learn from "funny books". The intent was to become a comic book artist and draw super heroes for a living.
This little gift I became aware of at four years of age kept me out of trouble as a child...Kept me sane and centered in times of insanity and chaos.

I majored in commercial art in high school (nominate John Lauriello for coolest teacher award), then moved on to art school where I studied visual communications and earned an Associate degree in specialized technology -- that's fancy talk which Basically means I got to draw, paint and play on the computer (maybe those days weren't so bad after all).

Along the way plans changed. While I still tool with the idea of illustrating comics, I realize there's more I can offer as an why limit myself?

Digital art

Traditional art