Kevin Drager

Kevin Drager

Kevin Drager is a Canadian Dutch/ German abstract painter. He has studied at 5 Universities and Art Colleges internationally and exhibited in Canada. His work explores surface, light and color.

Artist Statement

Kevin Drager paints to extend, explore, abstract, engage the project of Early and Mid- Modernism - play, freedom, experimentation, art for art sake, autonomous art, and Romanticism. Drager's work links with Nature's beauty, Gestalt, poetry, Zen, and objectness. His work incorporates the exploration of "materiality" and 'form'. Ideas and concepts in philosophy, such as Hegel's dialectic of universality, and Formalism - Clement Greenburg- line, color, texture, mark, composition, process, are layers in his work..


Solo Exhibitions
1999 A Yves echo, A.M.S. Gallery, UBC, Canada
1996 Interpreting Yellow/Red/Blue, A.M.S. Gallery , UBC, Canada
1993 15 paintings, 2 sculptures, 1 photograph, 1 text, A.M.S. Gallery, UBC, Canada
1991 One Figure Drawing and Modern Paintings, A.M.S. Gallery, UBC, Canada
1990 The Primitive in Expressionism, A.M.S. Gallery, UBC, Canada

Group Exhibitions
1995 Mindshaft, A.M.S Gallery, UBC, Canada
1994 Eastside Culture Crawl, William Street Studios, Canada
1991 B.F.A. Grad, Eye Center, Canada
1990 Third Year B.F.A. Exhibition, A.M.S. Gallery, UBC Canada
1990 Outdoor Exhibition, Sedjwick Library Concourse, UBC Canada


Architecture Drawing

L.A. Beach

Monochrome + Minimalism