Vintage Travel by Kevin Brown Studio

Vintage Travel by Kevin Brown Studio

Kevin Brown is a designer, illustrator and traveler. He attended Tulane University in New Orleans, an ideal location for the study of art and architecture. After graduating with a Master of Architecture degree, Kevin began his career as an architectural assistant. He began by executing design documents and creating architectural renderings for one of the leading architectural firms in London, the GMW Partnership. There he began to hone his creative skills and developed a strong interest in the graphic and visual aspects of design.

Upon returning to the US, Kevin made the transition from architecture to graphic design. He relocated to northern California and served as designer / art director for Whole Foods Market and Peet’s Coffee & Tea. Kevin soon began to develop his philosophy of visual communication via powerful graphic images and innovative graphic solutions.

Kevin has traveled extensively, having lived in 8 states and 3 foreign countries. His travels have given him a broad array of visual, cultural and geographic references to which he regularly turns to for ideas.

Love of travel and a great fondness for vintage travel posters is the inspiration behind Kevin's work!


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