Sad Water Designs

Sad Water Designs

Niltze! Hello! Welcome to Sad Water Designs!

I began drawing alongside my father when I was very young. Imitation is the best form of flattery and my dad has always been my tonatiuh (sun) of such high importance and of which I revolved around since I came into this world. It was even told to me that during the day I was born, my dad was sitting with a canvas as my mother labored with me. As such, I am self taught learning by what I see and experience and following the lead of talented family members who have raised in me the passion to create beauty. I have been drawing and painting most of my life in this way, very much undefined and perhaps untainted by formal training. I let whatever is going to come out on the canvas be as it turns out to be and I'm most happy with that. Most of my inspiration comes from my vibrant and beautiful Chicana, Mexican and Native cultures, from life experiences and self reflection. I am a multidisciplinary artist specializing in performing arts, hand crafted indigenous jewelry and crossing over into different genres of style of artwork, sometimes all in one piece. I tend to ebb and flow between styles of art and enjoy creating pieces that hold no boundaries. In both my drawings and paintings, I express memories, dreams, wishes, reflections of self and emotional movement.

I invite you to stop by often to see what is new as I will be posting up new items when I can.



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