Kester's Abstracts

Kester's Abstracts

Kester Andrews is a caucasian native of Great Britain, but has moved around in his quest to become a well-rounded individual. He has travelled a little across Europe, (Paris, Cherbourg, Dublin, Schladming (Austria), Isle Of Wight, Isle of Man, Isles of Scilly) and has an appreciation of art in its various forms; from sculpture, to paintings, to photography to creative craftsmanship and almost everything in between.

Whilst living in Cornwall on the coast, in the late 80s his father lent him a Canon 35mm camera with which he went about his local area and took a few hundred pictures of places and people.

After studying a 1yr photography course as an external candidate (doing the coursework in his own time after hours due to time clashes with his other studies) and with the best images that he applied to be accepted into art school to study photography for 2 years, he was granted unconditional acceptance, only a few students ever received this.

The course ran for two years and after two years his work got him some sales and a greater appreciation for high-class photography and art as a whole.

Since moving to London he eventually started creating abstract art where his more recent work has sold privately and from community art exhibitions. To date his work has yet to sell to high spending buyers but this remains a goal nonetheless, not necessarily for the wealth it'd bring but the creative goals he can reach with said wealth.

Artist Statement

I'm fascinated by colour harmonies as well as the use of tone and light in a soft, pleasing and gentle manner. I'm particularly fond of colour palettes which have a 1970s feel/mood but also I like natural tones and colours too, grasses, glasses, reflectivity/metallics and colours that literally flow and wind. All of my paintings are as a result of my moods, feelings, thoughts, desires, stresses, anxieties and dreams too in some instances.

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