Kerim Kahyagil Art

Kerim Kahyagil Art

I have been painting since my college years, taking courses, attending workshops, working in ateliers of established artists using watercolors, oil paints, acrylics, and pastels exclusively or combined as mixed media.

The early years of a painter’s life are mostly spent trying to recreate a visual object as close as possible to reality while learning the quirks of the medium used. Works of this period usually reflect the influence of the tutors on the style of the apprentice. When this stage is passed, the painter tries to discover his/her own individual style which is rather unique, like the handwriting of each person. The way the tools of the trade are used, the choice of colors, the way objects are arranged on the canvas, preferred subject matter and many other aspects contribute to this unique style.

Lately, I have been spending quite some time in search of this individual style. I started first by defining “the” painting that pleased me. Specification of the “must have” characteristics of this “ideal painting” is the next stage of this self-discovery process. Conscientiously incorporating these attributes to my painting style is the continuing activity of today.



Still Life and Figurative

City Life