Kennedy Kisusi

Kennedy Kisusi

I am a Fine Art artist with competency in watercolor and acrylic painting, with over a decade of experience. I also work with pencils and ink when it comes to sketching and drawing. Digitally, I use Photoshop and Infinity Painter to produce great artworks that emulate various media of art like oil, pastel and pencil to give a traditional feel and look to my compositions.
Painting is one of my top hobbies - nothing like capturing your vivid imaginations and surreal dreams on a piece of paper for people to be aw-stricken and amazed. That's simply the beauty of it.
I have had quite a number of achievements through art which came in various forms like certificates, gifts, recognition and not forgetting the little crowds I managed to gather around me. Some of these achievements are : winning first place, twice, in Lions Club Peace Poster competitions, and getting a school recognition for my effort during the IGCSEs.
Apart from painting and drawing, I immerse myself into computer Animation and Visual Effects.


Movies and Music


Abstract and Impressionism

3d and Cartoons