kenneth Karls Fine Art

kenneth Karls Fine Art

Kenneth L. Karl

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, in 1941. Currently liveing in Norfolk, England. I began my Air Force career at age seventeen. After I retiring, I taught flight instruction and aviation maintenance for fourteen years, then working overseas with the DOD.

I started painting at an early age though I didn’t take a career in art seriously till late in life. By then I had quite a few years, painting, studying the work of other artist and trying to acquire my own painting style.
Through the early years I painted what captured my attention and taught myself to re-create what I was seeing. I always loved the feeling of working with oils so I primarily use this medium.

Realism is the style in which I like to paint. I’ve been influenced by artists such as; Richard Schmid, Carolyn Anderson, Rich Howell and Nicolas Trudgain.

Painting English villages and the countryside in Norfolk are the subjects I am currently interested in. Change is all around us and I want to capture some of the old cottages in a series that will depict their elegance and craftsmanship. Because of my aviation background, I also love to capture the startling strength of our military aircraft. A mix of machine and atmosphere is what I strive to create.

So I hope you will enjoy my work here. I love to here what you think.