Kendrick Boller

Kendrick Boller


Thank you for stopping by. As an Artist I want to be known for my Artwork before my time on this Earth ends! I am passionate about art and it takes me to a peaceful, exciting, joyful place! In middle school one my teacher's saw my gift and invested in me with College Art Courses. At the time I was afraid and didn't understand what she was doing so I quickly lost ambition and stopped showing my talent. When I became an Adult I kind of let work, life, and cares of this world take away my passion and Zeal.

It wasn't until years later after meeting my Wife, that she saw my talent that I decided to start back sharing my gift with the world! I am a Concrete Truck Driver in the day and aspire to become an Artist full time. My passion is Figurative Drawing, Abstract Acrylic, and Oil Painting! I can paint with just about anything and on anything! Art makes me feel free!

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