Galactic Art

Galactic Art

Kelvin Easter was born in 1972 a native of Houston Texas. At the tender age of eight he was already becoming a very expressive and creative young artist. In 1987 as a teenager, he enrolled in a home study art school program. Where he began to further develop his talent. After graduating high school in 1991 he attended the Art Institute of Houston. In 1992 he then transferred to Houston Community College where he continued his quest to become a professional artist. This artist is inspired by the great like Bob Ross and the cartoon illustrator Charles M. Schulz. His drive and motivation to create draws from his personal life experiences, social issues, nature and the universe. Kelvin loves to use different painting and drawing styles. He uses mix media techniques combine with glitter, crushed glass and a style of acrylic paint pouring. He strives to use his talent to bring peace, joy, social awareness and laughter into the hearts and minds of all mankind.

Flowers and Plants

Cartoon illustrations

Black and White Illustrations

Animal Pic's/ Abstract Acrylic

Acrylic Creations