Keidra Hoskins Fine Art

Keidra Hoskins Fine Art

I was raised in a very traditional, religious environment. I was taught the importance of acknowledging God in all things. As I delve into my own personal relationship with the divine, I have often found myself conflicted between what I was taught and what I felt in my spirit.

I believe sharing my art with others is one of the ways I can deepen my spiritual relationship with God/ Source Energy/ Universal Mind while helping to raising the energy levels/ spiritual consciousness of others within my enviornment. I believe we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. My artwork is an expression of how I stay connected with Source.

Painting has provided me moments of peace where internal chatter and external stressors dissipate, leaving me completely empty, open and receptive to become a vessel through which the energy captured in the present moment inspires creation.

When creating a piece I have no expectation or judgment, I feel complete and in perfect alignment with whatever is produced. I also never revisit a painting after my hands stop working. In that sense, I have a genuine appreciation for the synchronicity of each experience.

My intention is for each person who views my work to feel valued and understood. Every application of paint was done with a open heart, a universal mind with the purpose of sharing myself with you.