Keepsakes by Faith

Keepsakes by Faith

My name is Faith Saunders. First and foremost, thank you for stopping by. It is greatly appreciated!

Sometimes when something is natural to us, either we overlook it, downplay it or take it for granted. Growing up, I was always told that I was creative but I never took this seriously. I guess you could say that I fitted into all three categories that I mentioned above. It was not until I was in my late forties that I realized that 'creative thing' was something that I needed to take seriously.

It all started in 2006 when I attended a handmade card making party to make Holiday cards. The instructor showed us various designs and initially, I was having a good time but soon after I became bored and started to create my own designs. Everyone, including myself - LOL - was amazed! I created various 3 dimension cards and soon people began to pay me to make cards and even invitations. In 2007, I started Keepsakes by Faith. I chose this name because I wanted my art not only to inspire but be valued and cherished for a long... time.

Eight years later, I am still creating but have expanded my products beyond handmade cards. I create forums where individuals can create their own art. I love to work with disadvantaged women because it's priceless to see what they create and hear them explain their work. I am blessed in so many ways and I am grateful that I can share some of my work with you.



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