Keepsakes by Faith

Keepsakes by Faith

My name is Faith Saunders. First and foremost, thank you for stopping by. It is greatly appreciated!

As a child growing up in Jamaica, I always felt different – like I didn’t fit in. This self perception followed me for a long time into my adulthood. As a result, I was a loner and spent most of my time creating things. I especially liked to make what I called, “something out of nothing”. For instance, I would take a pair of old earrings and transform them into beautiful pendants. I felt that everything could be transformed into something beautiful.

Looking back, through a healthier pair of self-perception lens, I now realize that my art was my therapy – my effort to make me to feel better because I felt like nothing.

I have come to realize that many of us, especially women, wear a mask that disguise how we are feeling about ourselves. Our outward appearance don’t match how we are truly feeling about ourselves inside.

My motivation, with my art, is to help individuals, especially women, to heal. Hence, most of my work includes quotes or poems I have written, some of which I wrote when I was going through, what I now call my ‘valley experience’.

My prayer is that displaying my art in your special place will remind you that YOU ARE OKAY JUST THE WAY WE ARE!



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