The art of k.d.seamon

The art of k.d.seamon

Hi! I'm K. D. Seamon in Melbourne, Australia.

"Artist" was not my profession. I was an instructional designer for many years in the USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and New Zealand before I retired. However, I've been an artist since childhood, and have done a dozen or so commercial projects in the field - company logos, graphics for websites, illustrations for training materials, etc.

In 2015 a good friend encouraged me to put my abstract digital art on Instagram. After deciding that I would like to do that, I found that I wasn't too happy with the art I had planned to publish. So, I started creating new art to populate my Instagram gallery. Since 2016 I've created over 300 new works of digital art. Have a look at @k.d.seamon on Instagram. Posting art to Instagram continues to be a very rewarding experience, with a lot of wonderful feedback from many exceptional artists around the world.

Now in 2020 I begin a new project here on, with many new works, and the means for customers to buy my art on multiple sizes of canvas (or coffee mugs!). Be sure to check out the "Room View" option, with your choice of frames, mats, and wall colors. Cheers!

Gallery 01 - Digital Abstract Art