The KC Krimsin Kollection

The KC Krimsin Kollection


I am KC Krimsin, an artist from New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. I am surrounded by so much beauty and inspiration, and I enjoy creating translations from nature to canvas. Sometimes, I paint to convey a mood or an idea, or just to capture a moment in time. Sometimes inspiration comes slowly, sometimes divinely, but inspiration, for me, must always be genuine.

Although I have been an artist all of my life, I have new experiences daily with my art. I enjoy creating vibrant and lively pieces and avoid falling into an artistic pitfall of the ordinary or mundane. Each day I hone my particular style, yet always wanting to incorporate a new approach. Variety is the Spice of Life which keeps my eyes fresh.

I have not restricted myself with what traditional galleries have deemed a body of work that "represents" me as an artist. I don't think any one style represents me. I often paint non-traditional subjects, with non-realistic colors, allowing the creativity of my soul to be unleashed. I don't restrict myself, and enjoy the freedom of being a New Mexico artist, where the sky meets the canvas. My art is a celebration of myself as an independent artist, expressing and representing myself.

Currently I am developing a new style I call Southwest Fantasy, in which I like to use a rainbow of vivid colors and unusual subjects to represent the beauty of the land in which I live. I use various mediums, including airbrush designs. I have been an airbrush artist since the early 1990's and have written a few booklets and taught some classes on airbrushing, as well as selling airbrush works internationally.

I have lived an interesting life, rich with experiences, and I wish to convey that spirit and life within my work. I have always been the type of person that does not blend in easily, often standing out in the crowd, and it is my intention that my artwork reflects the same attitude. I am happy to go my own way and not follow trends. Here are some of my favorite pieces. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed painting them.

Southwest Fantasy

Various Works by KC Krimsin