Katy Bishop

Katy Bishop


I owe massive heartfelt thanks to my mother…she told me about the Chicago Art Institute Saturday scholarship classes for high school juniors. I “auditioned”, was accepted and spent my junior and senior years in heaven on Saturdays. Oils, charcoal sketching and pastels techniques were the focus. We earned points every semester to return on the scholarship …and I found that I liked pastels and charcoal the best. But so messy!!!!

College and then a career in the film business making pretty images that told stories. Did some dabbling in pottery, photography, jewelry design, but never created something I felt might be special. Nothing that expressed what I wanted to say. Never felt like I “found” an artistic medium that felt right for me.

One day a neighbor had her garage open and I saw that she is an artist. Conversations later, she taught me some Alcohol Ink techniques. And I fell in love. It takes time to learn how to manage the ink…lots of time, but some results amazed me. The alcohol inks on paper react so differently than the results when working on glass. Working with alcohol inks on glass is fascinating because your final work is on the other side! You'll see the glass techniques in UNDERGROUND and UNDER MY SKIN.

On days when I have less time to use the inks I often work in Acrylics on canvas. Mixing acrylics with cold wax gives me other levels and depths to my ideas. WINDOW IN THE RAIN is acrylic and cold wax.

All Abstracts, something emotional, something that feels right. Working with colors to express moods and feelings. Usually I'm inspired by beauty I see around me in my garden, at the beach, in a film or in a dream.