Kay Guyer Arts

Kay Guyer Arts


Welcome to Kay Guyer Arts, a blend of colorful energy and movement created from December 2014 to present! My pieces are rooted in current social movements as well as working for my own liberation as a queer woman and survivor. It is my hope this art meets you where you are and contributes to bringing about a more beautiful and just world.

In addition to providing the pieces listed below, I am also open to working together on a creative project, making a personalized piece for your home, or a gift for friends and family. Learn more at my website www.kayguyerarts.com/work-together and contact me at kay@kayguyerarts.com.

If money keeps you from buying a piece, contact me at kay@kayguyerarts.com to discus a reduced price or bartering agreement (exchanging goods or services for art, rather than money for art). Much love! Kay

Activist Art

Fine Art