Katia Iourashevich Ricci

Katia Iourashevich Ricci


I am an oil artist based in Italy where I spent more than a half of my life in love with this medium for years.
My main employment for a long time has been translating and interpreting and all the studies I had done were related to foreign languages and teaching them.
My father (besides teaching mathematics) was a graphic artist in his free time. And he never encouraged me to draw since that could hardly become a source to make my living.
I discovered the interest and approached the painting about 10 years ago after an in-depth study of orthodox iconography. And my love for the art and the research of the beauty in all things of the surrounding world led me inevitably to experimenting with oil.
My pictorical skills grew up in Italy and the masters that formed me professionally were both Russian and Italian.
I try to do joyfull and colourful art, and I paint only what I would personally hang up on my home's walls. The art in my vision must trigger only positive emotions.
The main subjects of my paintings are landscapes, flowers, seascapes, still-lifes and persons(portraits), etc. Everything that surrounds me becomes a source of inspiration. Italy is a blessed country.

Actually I am living and working in Marche (Italy) and taking regularly part in national and local art events.

For more paintings check my FB page: ART studio Katia Iourashevich Ricci

Macro Flowers


Floral Still lifes and Flowers